Monday, September 29, 2008

GF Skin Care & More!

Like our featured Gluten Free makeup companies, many great GF skin care products can be found through smaller, independent businesses. The following companies offer products safe for Celiacs.


Gluten-Free Savonnerie
Gluten-Free Savonnerie’s entire line of bar soaps, liquid soaps, hair, and skin products are gluten free! Founder Christine Muir began the business with her husband shortly after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2001. Since then they’ve been dedicated to bringing attention to the disease and helping create specially-formulated products.
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Dakota Free
Dakota Free products are manufactured by Potter’s Hand, Inc., a family-owned business. Dakota Free has a “full disclosure” policy with their products, so you know everything that goes into them. They offer facial cleansers, masks, soaps, lip balms, and more.
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MonavĂ©, a company we covered in our GF makeup post, also has a great selection of GF skin care products. The only product that is not GF is the Unscented Emollient. Still concerned? Email the owner and President, Debbie Bilezikian (, and she’ll be happy to tell you how to make some of your own simple, GF skincare products!


Finding GF toothpaste and dental products can be a bit trickier. After all, who buys toothpaste off the internet? Many companies cannot guarantee GF products, because although they do not generally add gluten to products, the raw materials they receive from supplies may contain gluten. Luckily, some brand-name dental products are 100% gluten free. The following information has been verified by company representatives at GF Delights’ request.

Colgate: All products 100% GF

Crest: GF products: Crest Whitestrips, Crest Night Effects, Crest toothpaste varieties, and Gleem toothpaste; **Crest Pro-Health Rinse and Crest Whitening Rinse may have trace amounts of gluten**

Glide: All floss is 100% GF

Tom’s of Maine: All dental products 100% GF; (the vast majority of Tom’s of Maine products are also GF, with only two exceptions: the Natural Moisturizing Hand Soap liquids and the Natural Moisturizing Body Wash)

Do you know of or have experience with a great GF product or company? Let us know by commenting below, or email us at


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